American Contrasts & Inconsistencies

George Mullen, Barbed America Series, 2016-2020, barbwire and oil on canvas, 30 x 48 inches.
Copyright © 2016-2020 George Mullen. All rights reserved.

The Barbed America flag paintings are artistic explorations of the multitude of “contrasts” and “inconsistencies” within America, especially those we are witnessing in this unique political era. The paintings are intended to inspire self-examination, self-critique, and a steadfast determination to make America better.

Working with barbwire is a time-consuming, vicious, and violent medium. If you would like to purchase (or commission) a specific Barbed America flag painting, please contact us to discuss further. Note that the creation process for commissioned work takes up to six months to complete.

The Barbed America flag paintings are best viewed slowly…one-at-a-time…while giving deep consideration to each painting’s unique caption in relation to it. There are 16 distinct color themes with numerous captioned versions of each. Please click on the below images and follow the arrows to view.